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In 250 words or less, describe why you are passionate about this project. What about this gets you excited for your students? Why will this be important to your kids learning experience? Will they think differently about something, etc.. ? Be free with your words here and speak with your passion, no need for formalities, this is about new ideas in learning...
In 500 words or less, please describe the fundamentals of this request. What is needed for this project to be successful? Professional development, tools, things, etc..?
In 100 words or less, please indicate the potential reach of this grant if awarded.
If you know what measurable outcomes there would be at this point, feel free to add some notes here. If not, don't worry about it. A SEED representative will help guide you through this part of the application after you submit your idea. Please try to keep responses to less than 250 words.
In less than 100 words, what roadblocks may you encounter in realizing the desired outcome of this project.
Please provide some detail into the line item costs for this proposal.
Have you reviewed this proposal with your principal? If no, please continue to submit. SEED wants to hear your ideas and we will help in working with administrators on ideas to ensure appropriate alignment, etc.. This is simply to understand the starting point for your idea.
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I agree that all materials purchased with SEED funding will be the property of the Dover School district. Should this grant be funded and approved, I agree that all funds requested will be used within 18 months of the approval date. If funds are not used within 18 months, the funds will be returned to the SEED general fund to support future funding requests.

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