Come Together To Breakout!

SEED has awarded the Dover Middle School Wentworth Team of Kelly Daynard, Patricia Mulqueen, Lisa Nash, and Mark Holt-Shannon a grant to purchase four “breakout boxes.” These boxes provide games and teaching methods to deliver content to promote critical thinking, complex problem solving, and teamwork. This will also have an element of training staff to promote a climate and culture of kinesthetic learning.

Woodman Park School Proposals Receive Funding

A Spring SEED scholarship will be funding the opportunity for Kelly Gennett, a Woodman Park teacher, to attend a UNH graduate level course called Integrating Technology in the Classroom. After completing this course, Gennett will use her newly acquired skills to integrate Digital Storytelling into her classroom and into her summer enrichment camp, Camp BEYOND, held at WPS each summer. Additionally, SEED will provide scholarships for five under-priviledge students to attend Camp BEYOND.

Jill Frederickson, another Woodman Park School colleague, was awarded SEED support for the third annual Ellis Island Experience, a district wide initiative.

Kindle Fires in the Classroom

Garrison Elementary School teachers Emily Piller and Sarah Croteau received funding to purchase Kindle Fires for their  classrooms. Emily Piller, a music teacher, will use the Kindle Fires to help her students to discover music in an innovative way. Sarah Croteau will use the Kindle Fires in her physical education classes which will allow her students to connect with fitness trackers and analyze their activity.



Allison Friend-Gray of Dover Middle School received funding to purchase Rube-Goldbags from Rube Goldberg, Inc. a not-for-profit company created to continue the legacy of the great American author, engineer, and inventor. The purchase, which aligns with Next Generation Science Standards and underscores SEED’s commitment to STEM education, will be used in her fifth grade class.

Enterprise City

Lauren Ashley Nichols received funding to bring the entire sixth grade to Enterprise City. Enterprise city allows students to learn citizenship skills, career skills, financial literacy, and economic concepts in a simulated community operated by students. The experience-based learning will better prepare students for when they enter the workforce and adulthood by building a solid foundation of real world applicable skills.

The Iditarod Sled Dogs in the Classroom

The Garrison Elementary School team of Meghan Mayhew, Rachel Hill, Michael Romps and Rima Sawyer are now able to bring the Iditarod Sled Dog Race to the second-grade classrooms of Garrison School. Thanks to an extremely specialized software and website access, students will follow musher teams, explore Alaskan communities, track weather patterns, and use mapping skills to understand the Iditarod trail. The integrated unit will include access to a comprehensive website that provides remote access to the race, including live coverage and GPA tracking of the musher teams.

Growth Mindset + Number Talks

Jo Boaler, a professor of mathematics education at Stanford University has created a highly valued,  in-depth online course focusing on the mindset and student ability on high-quality mathematics teaching. This course will now be available to fifteen Dover High School District math teachers to continue to enrich and educate their students in mathematics.

A Fresh Perspective

Mike Russo of the Dover High School Science Department received funding to purchase a high-speed video camera. The camera can record images that traditionally occur too quickly for the human eye to capture. The new camera will give students a fresh perspective on the world of science. Mike Russo plans to use this new technology to incorporate video demonstrations and analysis emphasizing hands-on modality learning.

Dover Family School Alliance

Christine Boston, Director of Pupil Personnel Services for the Dover schools, was given a grant to fund professional development opportunities with Dover Family School Alliance (“DFSA”). Dover Schools, with the help of SEED, will now be able to continue work with DFSA to build stronger bridges between parents and educators, as well as providing support for parents throughout the special education process. This grant will also help DFSA provide opportunities for teachers to increase knowledge and skill in working with special education students.

Growth Mindset + High Quality Instruction = Excellence for all Students in Mathematics

District Math Facilitators, Patty Driscoll, Karen Berg and Stephanie DeMatteo, were gifted a professional development grant. This grant will allow teachers in the district to participate in a project which focuses on the work of Jo Boaler, a professor of mathematics education at Stanford University. Boaler is the author of many books that aim to increase public understanding of the importance of effective mathematics teaching. The professional development opportunity for Dover math teachers in the district will focus on mathematical achievement, educational practices and how to foster growth in all students.

VersaTiles Math Lab


Stephanie Levin, a Dover Middle School teacher, was awarded a grant to purchase VersaTiles Math Lab and eVersa Tiles CD-ROM for her classroom. VersaTiles is a hands-on, multimedia program that allows students to work at their own pace, individually or as a class, to practice specific math skills. This program will assist Levin in helping students build a stronger understanding of math skills including number concepts, estimation, computation, algebra, and many other concepts.

Ears ‘n Eyes

Marie Robicheau, Dover Middle School art teacher, was granted funding to bring Artists in Residence, Roger Goldenberg and Matt Langley to art and music classes at the middle school. “Ears ‘n Eyes”: Touring Studio Painting is an in-the-moment expression of dialogue between a jazz musician and a visual artist. This grant will provide workshops modeling improvisational art making, while allowing students to engage in an integration of their own art and music making.