Art Technology Packages Elevate Graphic Novels’ Class


Grant Recipient: Hettie Haudenschield, Dover High School
Award: $2,700 for three iPad and iPencils Packages

Art teacher Hettie Haudenschield is “raising the bar” in her graphic novels’ course at Dover High School by incorporating digital design technology in the classroom. Thanks to her innovative approach to teaching and a $2,700 grant from SEED, students will be well accustomed to this industry leading technology when they enter the workforce.

With the SEED grant award, Haudenschield purchased three sets of iPads and iPencils for her art students. These tools will be used in the graphic novels course as well as the drawing classroom. The iPencil is the future of digital design due to its ability to change line weight and shading intensity. Students will now have a range of colors, textures, shapes, and lines at their disposal on an easily adaptable canvas.

 “I know the iPad Pro/iPencil is being used as the industry standard for the production of graphic novels,” said Haudenschield. “My goal is to encourage students to test a possible career path while also learning about the technology used in the field.”    

Despite being the only true physical medium for drawing, a paper and pencil have limitations. Becoming comfortable using this innovative drawing tool will open up a world of opportunities for the aspiring graphic designer.

 “I believe that design and innovation are the bread and butter of our economy, and I want to prepare my students to be excited about technology, interested in technology, and see the power of technology,” said Haudenschield.                   

Technology is taking over the world in countless ways. With these innovative tools, students can be experienced digital designers before their careers even begin.

“These tools will give students a real experience as part of the graphic novel curriculum while supporting technology use and integration,” said Peter Driscoll, Principal of DHS. “I am glad that students will be able to acquire real-world experience while following the pre-existing curriculum.”