LTC Partners Contributes to SEED

LTC Partners Contributes to SEED

SEED recently received a $5,000 donation from LTC Partners of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Funds will be used to underwrite project proposals for innovative curriculum presented by Dover school teachers. The next competitive grant cycle deadline is April 1, 2016.

Established in 2002, LTC Partners began as an administrator of federal insurance programs and has evolved into a leading benefits administrator by offering scalable, cost-efficient, and high-quality services for insurance products and record keeping for businesses. With a strong commitment to education, LTC Partners’ grant fund invests in transformative and sustainable initiatives for programs to build skills for the next-generation workforce.

SEED was founded out of concern from citizens and local businesses about the 21st century skills of persons entering the workforce. SEED operates to promote academic excellence through technology and innovation funding to elevate educational opportunities for Dover students to best meet today’s demands. “LTC Partners is dedicated to enriching the quality of life for people in our community,” said Brian Frankenfield Executive Sponsor of Corporate Giving for LTC Partners. “We share a common belief with SEED that investing in 21st Century skills is essential to ensure future economic success on both a local and national scale.”

SEED appeals to Dover teachers to apply for SEED funding by submitting applications describing projects they would like to initiate. The SEED Board reviews applications and selects projects to fund through grant awards.

Spring grant review will begin soon. Criteria for judging applications begin with the number of students served. Then SEED measures the alignment to SEED mission and goals as well as district and state standards. Finally, SEED reviews the application for potential to improve student learning, overall project sustainability, measurable outcomes for evaluation, and appropriateness of budget. To download a grant application please visit,


About LTC Partners
LTC Partners® (Long Term Care Partners, LLC®, or LTCP®), a diversified third-party administrator of large-scale insurance and benefits programs, was founded in 2002. LTC Partners administers both the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program and BENEFEDS under the oversight of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). The company is located at Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth, NH. LTC Partners is a wholly owned subsidiary of John Hancock Life & Health Insurance Company.