SEED Awards $8,000 To Dover Elementary Schools

November 7 - SEED is pleased to announce it has awarded five innovative learning proposals totaling nearly $8,000 in education grants to Garrison Elementary School and Woodman Park School.  These programs will encourage skills required to become 21st century learners.

Garrison Elementary second grade teachers,  Rima Sawyer and Rachael Hill, were awarded a grant to purchase a set of Duplo Legos for the classroom to teach engineering concepts that will build reasoning, processing and problem solving skills for the students.

Garrison Elementary teachers Nancy Colarusso and Deanna Bird were awarded a grant which will serve grades 1-4 and will focus on combining Art with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math curriculum to improve STEM to STEAM. Each grade will be participating in different projects. The first graders will be making lanterns, the second graders will be making an eco system mural, the third graders will be participating in kite making and the fourth graders will be creating websites.

Meanwhile, Woodman Park Elementary educators Kelly Gennett, and Maria Frangione  were awarded a SEED grant  for a program called Flat Stanley Global Classroom. The program promotes letter writing, hands on mapping skills, and brings a digital aspect to the social studies program by allowing the students to use a web camera to communicate with a seventh grade English class in Madrid Spain.

Sharron Shea, a first grade teacher at Woodman Park Elementary, was awarded a SEED grant for her proposal to promote reading outside the classroom. The school and home reading partnership will benefit the entire first grade at Woodman Park.

One of the most innovative curriculum proposals came from Woodman Park School teachers Kelly Gennett and Crystal Lisbon who presented a learning proposal to create a Makerspace Lab in the school. SEED grant money will now make the new innovative learning space a reality for Woodman Park. Available to the entire school through related arts programming, the Makerspace Lab will provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, collaborate, build and invent.

SEED funds innovative grants to support positive growth towards ever-changing 21st century education .To learn more about SEED, please visit


About SEED

Formed in 2011, SEED is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to promote academic excellence, champion technology and reward educator innovation in Dover’s public schools. SEED raises private philanthropic dollars and provides grant funds, on a competitive basis, to educators who submit formal applications. SEED’s overarching goals are to create a legacy for educational excellence in Dover Public Schools and to advocate the value of education in the community. SEED welcomes donations of time, talent, and resources. To get involved, please contact us at