SEED Receives Boost

LTC Partners Contributes $2,500 For Education in Dover

January 19 - SEED recently received a $2,500 donation from LTC Partners of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The money will support the next round of cutting edge curriculum grant funding in Dover public schools.

Long Term Care Partners (LTC Partners) shines as a national administrator of insurance, self-service portals, and data processing within the federal marketplace. The award-winning company extends its skills to the commercial market, offering comprehensive services to the full customer at any product lifecycle. A return sponsor, LTC Partners has shown great commitment to education and support for SEED. “One of our major focus areas is education programs to build skills for our next-generation of workforce,” said Brian Frankenfield, Executive Sponsor of Corporate Giving, LTC Partners. “SEED has proven its ability to create the skills needed to ensure career and college readiness and ultimately economic success for the region.”

SEED formed as parents, neighbors, and local business owners saw the absence of 21st century skills in students graduating from Dover public schools. To remedy this, SEED started funding educational opportunities brought forth by Dover teachers.  SEED encourages Dover teachers to submit applications for funding projects twice annually, spring and fall. The SEED Board then reviews applications and chooses the applications that include the number of students served;  speaks to the SEED mission as well as district and state standards; andproduces a measurable outcome. The next round of funding will occur in the spring. Application deadline is April 1, 2017.  To download a grant application please visit,