SEED’s Spring 2015 Grant Winners

SEED’s Spring 2015 Grant Winners

Developing Programs in the Dover District

The Seacoast Educational Endowment for Dover (SEED), a non-profit organization founded to foster teacher creativity and fund new learning initiatives within Dover district schools, is pleased to announce it has awarded funding for four new projects in the Dover school system. The winners of the grants were selected from the spring open application period. New projects focus on development of excellence in mathematics, the arts, and parent-educator relationships.

Marie Robicheau, Dover Middle School art teacher, was granted funding to bring Artists in Residence, Roger Goldenberg and Matt Langley to art and music classes at the middle school. “Ears ‘n Eyes”: Touring Studio Painting is an in-the-moment expression of dialogue between a jazz musician and a visual artist. This grant will provide workshops modeling improvisational art making, while allowing students to engage in an integration of their own art and music making.

Another Dover Middle School teacher, Stephanie Levin was awarded a grant to purchase VersaTiles Math Lab and eVersa Tiles CD-ROM for her classroom. VersaTiles is a hands-on, multimedia program that allows students to work at their own pace, individually or as a class, to practice specific math skills. This program will assist Levin in helping students build a stronger understanding of math skills including number concepts, estimation, computation, algebra, and many other concepts.

District math facilitators, Patty Driscoll, Karen Berg and Stephanie DeMatteo were gifted a professional development grant. This grant will allow teachers in the district to participate in a project that focuses on the work of Jo Boaler, a professor of mathematics education at Stanford University. Boaler is the author of many books that aim to increase public understanding of the importance of effective mathematics teaching. The professional development opportunity for Dover math teachers in the district will focus on mathematical achievement, educational practices and how to foster growth in all students.

The fourth award for this grant period was given to Christine Boston, Director of Pupil Personnel Services for the Dover schools, to fund professional development opportunities with Dover Family School Alliance (“DFSA”). Dover Schools, with the help of SEED, will now be able to continue work with DFSA to build stronger bridges between parents and educators, as well as providing support for parents throughout the special education process. This grant will also help DFSA provide opportunities for teachers to increase knowledge and skill in working with special education students.

SEED raises private philanthropic dollars and provides grant funds, on a competitive basis, to educators who submit formal applications.  In the midst of its annual fundraiser Innovation in Bloom, SEED is inviting individuals to bid on its online auction portfolio; bidding ends sharply at 9:00pm on Friday, June 5, 2015. To learn more about Innovation in Bloom auction head to: