I have a business in Dover. Why should I make a donation to SEED?

Local business people have already expressed their concerns about the 21st century skills of persons entering the workforce. Furthermore, during tough economic times, it’s a challenge for public schools to find the resources to take on new initiatives to better develop these skills in our students. Support from the local community can be very helpful in making our schools even better and making our city an even more appealing place to move a family.

What teachers can apply for SEED grants?

Any educators serving public school students in Dover can apply.

I am a Dover teacher. How do I apply for a SEED grant?


What are the criteria against which applications are evaluated?

The completion of all the sections in the application form allows us to evaluate applications for number of students benefited, alignment to SEED mission and goals, alignment to district/state standards, potential to improve student learning, sustainability, measurable outcomes for evaluation, and appropriateness of budget.

Who judges the applications?

The applications are evaluated by the Grant-Making Committee, consisting of 3 to 6 members from the SEED board or advisors representing the larger Dover community keenly interested in the education of Dover youth. The committee submits its recommendations of awardees to the larger board for approval/vote.

When/how often are grants awarded?

Grants are awarded twice a year. Applications are due on April 1st and October 1st.

 Are the grants intended more for the high school level or for special groups (e.g., gifted or special needs)?

The grants are intended for educators of Dover public school students. We are looking for innovative programs, practices, or resources for any students in any grades in any Dover public school. The best applications based on the evaluation criteria are the ones that receive SEED funding.

Can SEED monies be used to supplement the
district’s budget for operational costs, supplies, equipment, etc.? 

No, it is the intent of SEED to fund new, innovative projects (or programs) and not to fulfill any existing funding responsibilities of the Dover School District.