Applications for SEED funding can be submitted at any time during the year; however, formal reviews and award decisions by the SEED advisers and board will occur only twice annually, in April and October.  

seed focus areas

Instructional Projects or Programs – new or innovative units, course components, or courses addressing Common Core State Standards as well as 21st century skills or themes, such as:

  • a blended learning (virtual/face-to-face) course in economics allowing flexible, personalized student opportunities and schedules;
  • a project-based learning course involving community resources – e.g., a water quality project using testing kits and local water bodies;
  • a distance learning unit in marine science involving the Seacoast Science Center.

Instructional Innovation  – the use of innovative instructional tools, techniques, technology, such as:

  • a human torso model for science study and lab projects in middle school,
  • an online assessment program for diagnosing learning gaps and prescribing remedial lessons in mathematics,
  • educational software for students to learn science concepts through experimentation.

Professional Development – opportunities for Dover educators to learn about new tools and techniques, best practices, and resources they can use to increase instructional effectiveness and provide engaging learning experiences for their students, such as:

  • ongoing use of a professional development specialist guiding a teacher team or teams in formative assessment techniques,
  • training in the use of new technology tools for providing differentiated instruction,
  • professional development in the incorporation of extended performance assessment as a regular component of instructional units.