DOVER, N.H., March 13, 2019 - The Seacoast Educational Endowment of Dover (“SEED”) and The Rotary Club of Dover have partnered to invest $9,000 to purchase portable document cameras for five Dover schools. The union exemplifies the commitment of each non-profit to the development of the children of Dover, by providing sophisticated classroom equipment for innovative instruction.

Simple and easy to use, the document camera is a 21st century device that allows teachers to project and write on, or otherwise manipulate, objects, books, or chemical composites, to inspire and encourage the thinking process for students. Suitable for all subjects, the document camera can also aide in classroom management and eliminate the need for individual sets of tools, models, or books.

Also known as visual presenters, document cameras allow teachers to take individual assignments and convert them into class lessons, creating more discussion and interaction, while maintaining students' attention and improving retention.  Document cameras are quickly becoming a common apparatus in schools and universities, but are often difficult to procure from administrators who are restricted by budget constraints.

During the last funding period, SEED received several applications from various schools in the district requesting grant money to purchase this innovative teaching tool and decided demand was sufficient enough to seek out a collaborator—The Rotary Club of Dover graciously agreed to partner with SEED. “We are pleased to supply these tech devices to enhance classroom instruction,” said Noreen Biehl, president of The Rotary Club of Dover. “This is a great example of Dover non-profits working together to provide the resources needed to develop our children into the leaders of tomorrow.”

SEED worked with Dover SAU IT Director Christy Prosser to research the best models that would be easily supported by the District. As a result, eighteen Epson DC-13 high-definition document cameras were purchased and gifted to five area schools—Dover High School (math department); Horne Street School (second grade team); Woodman Park School (fourth grade team) Dover Middle School (library) and Garrison Elementary School (library.) “These high-performance, portable models will be excellent devices in the classroom,” said Prosser. “We can’t wait to hear from the teachers on the many ways these tools have enhanced instruction and learning outcomes.”

Public support is the cornerstone of SEED’s annual budget. Through business contributions, individual giving, and events, SEED has awarded hundreds of scholarships to Dover public school teachers and administrators valued at more than $110,000. SEED is preparing for its annual fundraiser, Encore for Education, to be held Saturday, April 6, 2019 at Patty B’s Restaurant in Dover, NH. Tickets are on sale now. For more information about the event, to become a sponsor or donate, please visit