SEED Awards More Than $10,000 to Dover Educators

SEED Awards More Than $10,000 to Dover Educators

Dover Middle School, Dover High School Recipients

January 13 - SEED is excited to announce another round of fall funding totaling just more than $10,000 in grants awarded to educators at Dover Middle School and Dover High School.

At Dover Middle School, Teacher Kimberly Conrad has been awarded a $6,000 grant to bring the nationally recognized Mayhem Poets to Dover. The entire seventh grade will participate in a poet-led intensive writing workshop followed by an in-house performance featuring selected student works integrated with a performance by The Mayhem Poets.

SEED has awarded the Dover Middle School Wentworth Team of Kelly Daynard, Patricia Mulqueen, Lisa Nash, and Mark Holt-Shannon a $556 grant to purchase four breakout boxes. These boxes include games and teaching methods to deliver content to promote critical thinking, complexproblem solving, and teamwork. Also at the middle school, Lisa Dillingham was awarded a $450SEED grant to purchase 30 wiggle cushions. These inflatable seat cushions will allow studentssensory movement and prevent students from sitting still for long periods of time. Studies show that students who are able to move more improve their learning.

Dover Middle School Oasis Teachers Robin Eich and Dr.Barb Lynch have been awarded a $436 SEED grant to purchase workbooks to incorporate Psychologist Ross Greene’s collaborative and proactive solutions (CPS) to help build skill development in managing the Oasis students in grades 5-8 with ADHD and anger management issues.

Meanwhile, Dover High School Teacher Amy Poirier was awarded a $500 grant to purchase a document camera for biology classrooms. This valuable tool will enable students to share work,conduct demonstrations, and show teachers thought process.

The District Mathematics Facilitation Team of Patty Driscoll, Karen Berg, and Stephanie DeMatteo were awarded a $2,193 SEED grant to purchase Common Core State Standards mathematics training for 16 teachers and administrators within in the district. This is a repeat funding initiative and follows the teachings of Stanford University Professor Jo Boaler. Collectively, SEED has provided this training to more than 50 Dover district teachers.

Funding for innovative learning curriculum, tools and training is made possible by philanthropic individuals and businesses and intensive fundraising. To learn more about SEED, please visit